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Our Story Begins in Seattle…

Comedy Villains™ is the world’s most notorious online community for comedians—and the people who love them!

Our story takes place in the rowdy world of stand-up comedy. Comedy Villains™ was created by comedians to introduce new in aspiring comedians to the world. As we traveled from city to city searching for the underground world of comedy, we realized so many talented unknown comedians were fading away in an oversaturated industry. So, we built this platform to connect the hidden world of comedy to the masses.

Comedy Villains™ was created by Comedians for Comedians… and their Fans.

Our Mission:

To connect fans of comedy to original content by new and experienced comedians. It’s like speed dating for comedians!  

We provide low cost and effective viral marketing services to all of our members, Fans, Comedians, Comedy Clubs, and Comedy Schools.

What it takes to be a Comedian.

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Viral Marketing Services
Video | Social | Websites | Crowd Funding | Comedians | Clubs | Open Mics | Classes and More...

Dutch Social Media

Dutch Social Media Method.

We market Comedy Villains by marketing you. Create a Profile and let us promote your comedy to the world. Designed for Comedians | Comedy Clubs | Open Mics | Comedy Schools | Comedy Festivals

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Media And Distribution

Promote Yourself. Promote a Show.

Viral videos made fast and fun! We’ll film you… On stage | Create your own standup album | Podcast | Kick Starter campaign creation | Sketch Comedy

Our unique style generates online engagement putting your comedy brand on a global stage.

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Comedy Villains Digital Agency

Introducing brilliant website creation for Comedy Villains Members. You can save up to 90% (Including SEO Optimization.)

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And Services

Let Comedy Villains handle your marketing needs. High-Quality Comedy Show Flyers | T-shirt Printing | Graphic Services and More…

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