Underrated Comedians on Instagram – David Spade

Underrated Comedians on Instagram | David Spade

By theOriginalOpie

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Oy! David Spade just recently hit one million followers on Instagram. Regarding follower counts, David Spade would not be considered underrated. However, when large publications post articles on the topic, they mostly consider follower count. They fail to take into count the value of the comedian’s posts. I guess it’s because they want their articles to go viral, and when you drop a name like the Rock’s sidekick, your article goes viral. The reality is compared to those comedians David Spade is underrated.

I mean just look at the topics he posts:

  • Leaf Crunching Shenanigans
  • Nick Swardson Burn Contest
  • Critter Creeper
  • Bird Enthusiast
  • Daily Newspaper Brief
  • Neighborhood Watch Patrol (Sometimes it not even his neighborhood)
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Recapitulation

These are quality topics that no one can dispute.

I use to get my daily dose of the news from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Now I just open the IG App and watch David Spade’s IG News Stories. Spade picks out a few interesting stories from the newspaper and interprets them to you. He gets right down to the news without any interruption, and it’s nonbiased. He also adds his commentary to live newscasts.

David Spade’s IG Feed is charismatic; he is often found chasing critters (mostly squirrels), sometimes… well mostly for the sport of provoking them. He does the same with birds. It’s like an obsession for Spade to call out, antagonize, or comment on birds. I don’t understand why, except to say, I think it amuses him, and that amuses me.

Most of his shenanigans he does on his Neighborhood Watch shift. His strolls around the neighborhood (and not always his neighborhood) to report on his neighbors and crunch some leaves. Yes, his day is not fulfilled unless he can step on a bunch of leaves causing them to make crunching sounds. Sound boring? It is… not! It is entertaining to the max, and I have found myself crunching the crap out of leaves on my walks.

You’ll often see Spade posting photos of fellow comedian Nick Swardson (I’m not certain they are still friends) criticizing his comedy, followed by the phrase “fucking burn!”

What’s great about David Spade’s Instagram Account are not his posts, but his IG Stories.

That’s why Joe Rogan should follow David Spade on Instagram. David Spade is really interesting. He is a bizarrely corky dude, and above all, he’s a genuine personality.

Joe, my favorite IG Story was when David Spade was in Boston, or someplace interesting, and he was trying to interview squirrels.

A brief backstory, during one of Spade’s daily newspaper briefs, he read a story about a rabid squirrel. This was a bit that he carried on for several days.

Now fast forward back to Boston, Spade was on break from a film shoot and decide to stroll through the park. He came along a group of squirrels and began to stalk them. His goal was to determine if they were part of the rabid squirrel guild he read about in the newspaper. When he approached the squirrels most of them ran away, except for a brave one, or maybe it was rabid. David began to interrogate the squirrel for answers when the squirrel made an unexpected leap onto his leg. The squirrel landed on his jeans just below his knee. David reacted with a panicked giggle followed by coarse language. He then made a kicking motion to try and dislodge the squirrel from his leg. The squirrel thought about his bold move, returning to the ground and running back to cover. This left me in tears for several minutes.

Take my word for it, you are going to laugh.

David Spade also has written two books, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, and Almost Interesting, The Memoir.

Check out David Spade’s Instagram Account here.